Lookin’ Back


This will possibly be my last entry. So I think its only appropriate to look back and recap everything I have done.  I began the year exploring, created a music video for a classmate, a hand made sweater, and the beginning of a clothing brand. I finally chose to stick with the clothing brand.

I would go on to create my first sweater consisting of the name of the brand in the front, and the logo on the back. I made this first to first showcase the logo, and also to learn what companies are looking for when sending in designs for printing i.e. Minimum Negative Space, exact sizes, orientation.

Today I am waiting on the designs for 1/3 of my collection to come in while working on 2/3. The website is up and I am posting weekly on the unkwn Instagram. Here’s a picture.Screenshot (19)

I have planned to finish the last piece of my collection after propel so that I will have something to work on in order to not lose focus and forget about the brand. By the end of the semester the shop on the website will be up with products, I want to be able to sell the second piece of the collection exclusively online. My final product will be the three sweaters, an Instagram page, and a website.

The link to my Legecy artifact will be here.                                        http://www.propellrsd.com/natan-clothing-brand                                                                        It is essentially a preview of my project and some pictures of my products. You can also get to the Instagram from there.

I will continue my project until the end of my semester. I will be presenting my project on January 24th, you can come and see exactly what I created. This will most likely be my final entry so for now, good bye.

Natan out.


Timeline Time


This week we will be talking about timelines, these were supposed to be completed a few weeks ago however, because of a blunder I encountered (mentioned last blog entry) I made mine two days ago. Our timeline is known as a “Gantt Chart” it may seem very complex if you cant read it but, it’s comprehensible once you understand the formula. There are basic components on the left side, the chart in the middle and the dates at the top. The left side is where you input your information (time started/ finish and segments needed/finished) once you have that information in it will display the percentage you have completed for that specific task. After you have imputed your information the amount of time that ask takes will be visually displayed in the middle. At the top it displays the date and will line up the bars to the dates you set in your information on the left. To all the visually learners out there, here is a photo of my Gantt Chart.

Screenshot (9)

A timeline is extremely important for any project in life,this is especially true for propel because we only have one semester. Up until the very moment Mr.Patrician put in the blocks and showed me exactly how long I have before this project must be finished, I felt like I had forever. But now I know that I could not have been any further from the truth. This chart is extremely helpful in my situation because now I know that I am falling behind. I am still able to catch up though, for the rest of the semester I am going to work my butt off. During my meeting with Mr.Patrician he asked me what my goal in propel is, he asked if I am going just to get a 51% for my credit and leave, or if I actually want to gain something more. I told him that it’s not about the mark. I want to be able to learn the necessary skills  for starting a clothing brand so that after this semester I can continue working and growing my brand. We decided that even with the tight schedule I can complete the 4 sweater designs that I originally aimed for, even though it will be a struggle. The struggle will be worth it.

Next Steps

We’re almost half way through our semester. So as everyone begins going full speed on their projects, I find myself feeling confused and frustrated. While others come out of meetings with Patrician and Hansen feeling excited and ready to work, I come out feeling tired and angry with myself. I think I feel this way because of how much my project has changed in the course of a week.

In retrospect, I understand the crazy roasting I have received. Originally I wanted to make music videos, a documentary, a clothing line, and make custom hand made garments. Anyone that has any kind of time management skills will hear that and instantly have a panic attack.  My sixteen year old dumb mind, thought I could tackle all that in just 3 months. Until, Mr. Hansen blatantly told me if you try and do all of these projects, none of them will be nearly as good as you want them to. So, I turned all my projects into music videos, and a clothing brand, which then turned into just a clothing brand.

This puts me in a weird position where I have to revisit all my Big Picture Goals, Action Plan, and Vision Board and remake every single one. I am essentially redoing what was intended to be a 3 week process about a month ago into just 3 days.

Currently, I believe my project consists of making my designs, buying the blanks, creating and putting my designs on the apparel, and marketing my apparel. I will have to remake my Action Plan so until then I won’t have a definite set of tasks I need to complete for this project.

My next few weeks will consist of me trying to catch up on the assignments I have. Then I will try to jump into making my clothing brand as fast as possible, I am currently working with a brand that can ship me the clothing for me to print on.

Well, it’s time for me to get back to work, I’ll see you in blog four. Gotta blast!



Proof of Concept (The week after)

So the Proof of Concept has come and gone. My goal for the POC was to learn which idea I wanted to fully pursue in my time at propel. I talked about my music video and my clothing brand, but after my POC I learned I don’t want to do anything specifically, I want to create art.  What exactly that means to me is not set in stone. I keep having this idea in my head that art is everywhere and as long as you are being creative you are creating art, and I want my project to reflect that.

I am expecting to take 2-3 weeks per mini-project but if one takes a little bit longer I will adjust my schedule to accommodate for that. I currently have the intention of exploring and doing a deep dive on four art forms and want one of those to be a brand new form I have never tried.

For my POC I split it into two sections, In the first section I worked on my sweater, I spent a day learning how to make the sweater, and another day practicing on a sewing machine. My only sewing experience prior to this point was a pair of pants in grade 7 so I was playing catch up. I spent the good portion of an evening setting up a sewing machine, learning how to thread the bobbin and and just how to use the machine in general. The next day I started cutting and sewing.  I ended up with a sweater with an inside out sleeve and a pocket that I believe can fall off at any moment.

So I moved on to my music video, I used a cannon t6 which I have used before so I didn’t need any time to relearn any new hardware and could hit the ground running. where I ran into problems was when I had to learn how to use adobe after effects and how to to do anything on premiere pro more complicated then simply dropping in clips and cutting them. I was able to complete my music video and post it to my Instagram and YouTube, and although a minute long music video doesn’t seem crazy at all, it was hell. from the week of making this video I had multiple freak outs and breakdowns but I loved it, I don’t think I would have learned nearly as much if Mr.Patrician and Mr.Hanson helped me with every problem I had.


Moral of the story:

sometimes just do stuff on your own.

you can see the video at

Proof Of Concept

I came into this year with a clear vision of my goals for this whole year. I was going to start a clothing brand and just fly through the year without a single problem. but already only a week into actually working on my project, I already feel like I hit a brick wall with a tunnel painted on it. I have two paths in front of me that I have an interest in taking, and as I learn more about both of the topic I realize that I know absolutely nothing.

I want to start a clothing brand, order shirts, print on them, and release a clothing brand. But I don’t know anything about who to order from or how to contact them, I don’t know what to create without being accused of copying someone, I feel almost as if I cannot make anything without it being too similar to someone bigger than me.

Another project I am interested in is creating handmade, one off pieces. This is the idea I have entertained the most. I so far have made a sweater with a crooked asymmetrical pocket without ribbing and wearing it for longer than 20 seconds just aggravates you because the shoulders are not the same size and the sleeves are too long and tight. none of the stitches are straight, and I have gotten something jammed at least four times. and even worse, I keep comparing myself to others that have done similar projects but much better and the more I do that the less I even want to continue.

I have the proof of concept coming up in about a week, I will see what Mr.Patrician and Mr.Hanson say for what I have accomplished so far and hopefully I will have an idea of what I actually want to stick with for the rest of the year.